Foods for the Winter Season


Everybody knows that food is what gives our bodies the energy we need to survive. But not everybody is aware that certain foods should be consumed during specific times of the year. In areas like the Midwest, where fruits and vegetables are harder to keep on hand when the weather becomes colder, this principle is followed a little more closely. But in areas like Hawaii and Southern California, where fresh fruits and vegetables are always available and the climate is more moderate, people sometimes forget to eat according to the seasons. continue reading »

Nutrition for Heart Health OM Nutrition & Hypertension

blog-img-nutrition-for-heart-health-om-nutritionOriental medicine (OM) nutrition combines ancient wisdom with modern science. OM nutrition is a holistic approach, which aims to balance all five flavors within most meals with one or two flavors being emphasized for therapeutic purposes. OM nutrition for a hypertension emphasizes bitter flavors, sour flavors and energetically-cooling foods.

OM theory states the bitter flavor benefits the heart in moderation but an excess is harmful as it has a drying effect; for example, coffee is bitter. In moderation coffee acts as vasodilator increasing circulation but in excess it can raise blood pressure and has a diuretic effect. Modern scientific research has discovered while the human genome has 25 bitter taste receptors 12 of these are expressed in the human heart. continue reading »

6 Truths About the Not-so-sweet Side of Sugar

Blog-img - 6 Truths About the Not-so-sweet Side of Sugar_640A study published by the JAMA Internal Medicine found that more than 70 percent of Americans consume more than the recommended daily amount of sugar. Sadly, most of us are addicted to sugar, which happens to be hidden in most of the foods and drinks we consume. Added sugar can cause a whole array of problems that can be short term as well as long term. If you are experiencing health problems, lowering your sugar intake may be one of your best options. Below are 10 truths about the ugly side of sweets. continue reading »

Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Don’t forget about physical exercise

Believe it or not, when you’re exercising your body, you’re exercising your mind as well. Aerobic exercise gets your blood pumping, which increases the oxygen going to your brain and lowers your risk of disorders such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can lead to memory loss. If you can, start with some exercise in the morning. This can clear your head right off the bat to stay focused and alert during the day. Exercises that require coordination are especially helpful for keeping the mind active such as simply throwing a ball back and forth. continue reading »

Amazing Apple Ginger Elixir May Help Boost Your Immune System

By Dr. Julie Reyes, DC, MAOM, LAc

This elixir is not only good for you, but is delicious and easy to make!

Apple Ginger ElixirIngredients:

½ cup apple juice (use organic, unfiltered apple juice for best flavor)

½ cup Rejuvelac (purchase at a health food store)

1 tbs. lemon juice or 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil

½ tbs. grated ginger

1 tbs. unheated, raw honey

Optional: Dash cayenne (non-irradiated)


Blend all in blender and enjoy. (Note: If you choose to add the Lemon Essential Oil, be sure to use a glass bender pitcher, or shake the ingredients in a glass jar.)

This beverage can also be called a “Probiotic Drink,” like those sold in a health food store. Probiotics are what your body needs to build good bacteria in your intestinal system. They are your “Army” that helps your immune system fight intestinal infections. Enjoy!