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About Dr. Julie

A Personal Message for You:
Let me introduce myself!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Utilizing an evidence-based, integrated approach, I combine both Eastern and Western perspectives to provide truly holistic healthcare for you and your entire family.

I specialize in:
> Traditional Acupuncture
> Essential Oil Acupuncture™
> Medicinal Herbs
> Therapeutic Essential Oils
> Gentle Touch Chiropractic

I merge the healing power of acupuncture–with or without needles–and the highly therapeutic benefits of essential oils, to help elevate your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

I offer a wide range of natural healthcare solutions and years of experience to help you achieve:
> Less pain
> More energy
> Reduced symptoms of illness
> Greater overall well being

I guide you to participate in your own healthcare by using
simple techniques at home between treatments for faster relief.

These include:
> Life-enhancing nutrition
> Simple Movement
> Medicinal Herbs
> Pure Essential Oils

As a teacher, founder of the Essential Oil Acupuncture™ Technique and author of Essential Oil Acupuncture™: Materia Medica of Essential Oils and Protocols, I train practitioners to utilize these powerful natural methods for their own patients.

Contact me today to start your journey toward increased vitality!
I look forward to being YOUR doctor.

Julie C. Reyes, DC, MAOM, LAc





23101 Lake Center Dr., Suite 230,

Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 899-5809



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