About Dr. Julie

A Personal Message from Dr. JulieOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I specialize in:
> Acupuncture
> Medicinal Herbs
> Essential Oils
> Gentle-Touch Chiropractic

I combine both Eastern and Western perspectives to provide you with truly holistic healthcare.

As a very detailed Acupuncturist, gentle-touch Chiropractic Doctor and Herbalist, I use well-researched, natural techniques to help you experience:Family of Three
> Less pain
> More energy
> Overall well being

An athlete myself, I also practice Sports Medicine to guide you in:
> Healing and preventing injury
> Improving your athletic performance

I teach you to become a partner in your own healthcare through:
> Life-enhancing nutrition
> Movement
> Medicinal Herbs
> Pure Essential Oils

Contact me today to start your journey toward increased vitality.Senior woman gardening
I look forward to being your doctor.

Julie C. Reyes, DC, MAOM, LAc
Waters Family Wellness Center
23101 Lake Center Drive, Suite 110
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 215-7900

Email: DrJulie@DrJulieWellness.com

Website: http://DrJulieWellness.com