Chiropractic for Fertility

pregnant sitting at cribHere is an interesting case study by Dr. Daniel Lyons that provides hope for any woman who is struggling with fertility issues. I’ve provided the abstract here, and you can click on the link at the end to read the entire journal article.


Objective: This article describes the chiropractic care of a 27-year-old athletic female with a five year history of infertility.

Clinical Features: Following a marathon, the subject experienced an unresolved injury and sought out chiropractic care. The initial chiropractic evaluation revealed a history of numerous alterations in physiological function, including low back pain, constipation, neck pain, headaches, loss of balance, tension, as well as five years of infertility which medical treatments had been unsuccessful for.

Chiropractic Care and Outcome: Evidence of vertebral subluxation, including dysautonomia and dysponesis, were detected at multiple levels, and chiropractic care was applied using the Gonstead System. The details of one month of care are described.

Conclusion: One month after the application of chiropractic care, marked reduction in dysautonomia and dysponesis is demonstrated, and while previously infertile for five years this woman conceived and sustained a successful pregnancy. Further research is suggested examining the application of chiropractic care and associated restoration of function, including reproductive function.

Lyons, D. “Response to Gonstead chiropractic care in a 27-yearold athletic female with a 5 year history of infertility.” J. Vertebral Subluxation Res (2003): 1-3.


Acupuncture for Fertility

pregnant1My aunt pursued her career into her thirties. At 37, she and her husband wanted a baby but were unable to conceive. She turned to IVF—in vitro fertilization. But the first seven attempts over five years did not work. And it had been a roller coaster ride of high hopes and crushing disappointments.

At this point, the doctors said it was doubtful she could conceive using her own eggs as they had become too tough to penetrate. But that she had an excellent chance if she could find an egg donor.

At 22 and newly graduated from college, I gladly became that donor. On my aunt’s eighth try using my eggs, she conceived and gave birth to adorable twins—a boy and a girl. These “miracle babies” are now 15 years old. 

This experience has given me a lifelong interest in fertility. Now, as a natural medicine doctor, I use acupuncture, medicinal herbs and oils and chiropractic adjustments to help my patients improve their chances of getting pregnant. continue reading »