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Essen Oil Acu Technique

Are You, or Is Someone in Your Family, Needle-Shy?

  • At our wellness center, I offer either traditional OR needle-free acupuncture – enhanced by the use of high-quality essential oils.
  • Both Acupuncture and Essential Oils have been recognized for centuries for their healing capabilities.
  • Modern research has substantiated the effectiveness of these natural methods through empirical studies leading to rigorous evidence-based practice.
  • Because of my years of experience in both, I choose the most effective oils for activating specific acupuncture points–with or without needles.
  • The result is a synergistic effect which is greater than using either method alone.
  • Now you may choose Essential Oil Acupuncture™ to achieve relief from illness, physical discomfort, sleeplessness, stress or other concerns.

    Call me for an appointment to discuss how I may help you and your family with your health needs.Warmly,
    Dr. Julie

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