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Register for Webinar: Intro to Essential Oil Acupuncture

Wed March 21, 2018

7-8:30 pm Pacific Time
8-9:30 pm Mountain Time
9-10:30 pm Central Time
10-11:30 pm Eastern time


Sat April 7, 2018

8 am-9:30 am Pacific Time
9 am-10:30 am Mountain Time
10 am-11:30 am Central Time
11 am-12:30 pm Eastern Time

Fee: None


Presenter: Dr. Julie Reyes, DC, MAOM, LAc

Why use high quality essential oils in your acupuncture practice?

♦ Scientific research suggests enhanced therapeutic results using less time by adding essential oils with or without needles
♦ Higher patient satisfaction and retainment
♦ More patient referrals
♦ Use traditional Chinese formulas to create custom oil blends (with your own label) for higher potency and better taste
♦ Overcome initial objections to needles by activating points with oils instead
♦ Safe & gentle for children, elderly, even pets
♦ Patients feel empowered to use oils at home between visits for themselves & loved ones
♦ Greater retail and wholesale profits
♦ Easily build sustained passive income

Dr. Julie: “I’ve been using essential oils in my acupuncture clinic—and in my life—for more than 3 years. My patients love them! The residual income I earn from oils is more than double what I earn from my practice, and it continues to grow. Now I can practice at the pace I choose and be the kind of doctor I WANT to be.”

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    Wed Mar 21, 2018: 7-8:30 pm Pacific, 8-9:30 pm Mountain, 9-10:30 pm Central, 10-11:30 pm Eastern. Webinar: Intro to Essential Oil AcupunctureSat April 7, 2018: 8-9:30 am Pacific, 9-10:30 am Mountain, 10-11:30 am Central, 11 am-12:30 pm Eastern. Webinar: Intro to Essential Oil Acupuncture

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